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  • Establish Trust

Establish Trust: Tools to Manage a Virtual Team

People who manage virtual employees (or work as virtual employees) can encounter trust- related issues that impede success due to the removal of physical proximity.

In “Establish Trust,” participants learn the steps employees must incorporate when dealing with people they’ve never met to prevent trust issues. In this 90 minute class Valérie Berset-Price from Valérie Antoinette teaches you what it takes to become a trustworthy partner working with agents or employees scattered around the world, virtual assistants reporting to you from remote locations or business acquaintances you are trying to build rapport with.

“Fabulous! Simply fabulous! I learned so much in a short amount of time.”
— Wendy Jacobs, class participant

“Valérie has developed one of the most outstanding, effective cross-cultural programs for the professional. Her multilingual skills coupled with her in-depth business experience, provide a skill set that is second to none and first among many.”
— Irl Davis, CEO, LasTek Corporation

“Valérie highlights each of her tips with vivid stories and anecdotes based on her vast international business experience which helps the attendees get a ‘real world’ context for her teachings.  The bottom line of her teaching is to understand that every element of our non-verbal and nuanced behavior has a direct impact on our business brand and that we alone are the most influential ambassador for our career progression or business success.”
— Katie Kelley, Director, Ladies Who Launch for Portland, OR Chapter